First in Cameroon, Leg rand prof is the school support and private lessons agency par excellence with the ultimate mission of sharing knowledge and trust.
Ally of many families, Legranprof supports them with individualized academic support for each student. The quality of our teachers, to which are added our personalized formulas and a regular educational follow-up, allow us to satisfy 94% of parents.

Legranprof is first and foremost a large family of education and pedagogy enthusiasts, all of whose members have only one goal: To restore the desire to learn and lead to success.

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Legranprof is present in two cities in Cameroon, notably in Douala and Yaoundé; and intends in its expansion strategy to be present in all regions of Cameroon.

In figures , Legranprof is 2 agencies (Douala and Yaoundé), 6 office workers, 6 educational advisers and 521 grandprofs. (Data as of September 2020)

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Our tailor-made selection of your teacher takes into account your child's profile and personality:

  • level test taken by your child

  • in-depth discussion with you about his way of working and his particular difficulties.




Qualified and reassessed

Our teachers are for the most part students from the grandes écoles (ENS, École Polytechniques, Faculties of Medicine, ENSTP, SUPP'TIC, ...), Universities, and teachers in service.
The minimum level being the Baccalaureate, many hold a License.
Each grandprof is recruited after having been carefully assessed on his knowledge, his pedagogy and especially his sense of listening and ability to transmit his knowledge.
During the service, our pedagogical advisers ensure the smooth running of the service with regard to the learner's performance in order to rearrange the teaching of the grandprof if necessary.


Believe by learning it

We strongly believe that in order to be successful, you first have to love what you do. This is why our method consists in first instigating this love of learning in the learner himself. Lack of self-confidence causing more failure than disability also leads us to rekindle this self-confidence in the learner.
"There is no such thing as a hard head.

Listening is also what is fundamental in tutoring. We are there to listen, support and guide the learner in his approach to success, whether in private lessons or group training.
Above all this, mastery of science inevitably leads to success.




Flexible and preferential

Our prices cannot be fixed because our services are specific and the parameters influencing the price are numerous (number of hours of lessons per week, number of subjects, number of teachers required, level, gaps, ...).

Whether in private lessons or group courses, we work every day to offer you the best academic support at the best price for your complete satisfaction.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Rest assured ! Our agents are at your disposal to offer you the best quotes.


To satisfy you

We are committed to meeting your expectations; in other words, we are committed to leading the learner to success.
For this as a
guarantee , we offer half of the service in the event of failure to achieve the objectives set in advance.


Without engagement

We offer you two free lesson sessions without obligation. You will only pay for the rest of the service at the end of these sessions.