For all levels and all ages

Music is your passion? An instrument attracts you?
Do you want to introduce music to your child?
Would you like to improve your practice?

Legrandprof offers you, whatever your musical tastes, your age and your level,
music and singing lessons at home.



Of personalized learning

Whatever your age, level or chosen instrument, it is now possible to easily benefit from the advantages of personalized learning to be able to make music in Cameroon. Musical practice brings many benefits, whether for adults for leisure, relaxation or for children and adolescents , in terms of fulfillment and development of transversal skills such as listening, concentration, memorization, creativity.
Legrandprof offers private lessons, in the comfort of home and adapted to everyone, whether for leisure or for professional purposes.

  • No travel expected. Your instructor comes to your home, at the times and at the pace of your choice.

  • Great flexibility. Do you want to cancel, postpone or modify a session? You just need to agree in advance with your instructor.

  • A teacher just for you. Throughout the session, your instructor is completely focused on your work. Attentive to all your actions, he can have you corrected down to the smallest error or the slightest false note.

  • The pleasure of playing the music you love. With your instructor, you define the repertoire you want to play. Your instructor then suggests pieces corresponding to your level: very simple at the start, then more and more complex.

  • Regular follow-up. Your Advisor regularly contacts you to take stock of your progress with your instructor and the evolution of your expectations.

Pratique du piano
Music Performer


Awaken the talent today!

From only 30,000 FCFA per month, discover or introduce your child to music at home.