Becoming an "ungrandprof" means putting forward your knowledge, your listening skills, your pedagogy and acquiring an enriching and rewarding professional experience. You follow students during the school year, near your home, at the times of your choice. You can give lessons of a few hours up to 20 hours per week. Teachers, trainers, academics or students in business or engineering schools ... You want to pass on your knowledge. Join the legrandprof team.


Music, Art, Leisure, Sport

Graduated from physical education and sports, music, art, cooking, and / or with significant experience in teaching one of these disciplines, you want to transmit your knowledge and your passion. The recruitment of Great teachers offers you to come and teach the practice of your art to students, children and adults from a beginner to advanced level.



Do you want to babysit? You are a responsible person with educational experience in childcare. You will have to take care of a child from school leaving until the parents return. You have a Baccalaureate or a diploma specializing in early childhood, join our team.