Economical and efficient

Before the start of the school year , during the Christmas holidays , during the Easter holidays , and at the approach of the official exams , Legrandprof offers courses in small groups of 06 learners on average. From Monday to Friday, we work in depth with the students to identify their gaps in a given subject, and really fill them afterwards. Thus, they will continue the next term, or face the exams with more confidence and ease.

Attentive to everyone's goals, Legrandprof creates emulation, a real group dynamic. He questions, explains, motivates ... Impossible to hide behind his shortcomings. All difficulties are scrutinized and all explanations of individual questions benefit everyone. Far from the lecture (dictation), your child progresses and pursues his goals confident and motivated!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Depending on your address (student's home), we will direct you to our nearest focal point.